Monday, April 18, 2011


 So what do you want on your burger? That there is the million dollar question. Well not really a million bucks, but it is quite important to the burger experience. With out condiments and toppings it's just meat on bread. Not very original. But it's usually how you dress it that makes it unique. Yeah some restaurants have a high quality burger patty, or a fancy bun, but put some cheese and ketchup on it and you've got a whole new thing there.
It seems that tradition would have us putting ketchup, mustard, american cheese, dill pickle, tomato and onion on our burgers... but that's just the beginning. Some people like mayo, or miracle whip. Others would zing it up with A1 sauce. Makes it kinda "steaky". Melissa loves the mushroom and swiss burger (which sucks for me because I don't like swiss cheese so I can't finish her burger for her). I've become a big fan of the "western" style or BBQ burger. Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and grilled onions. Mmmmmm. Add bacon and fried onion strings and I'm at a loss for words.
The hamburger is a canvas and we are the artists. The pallet of condiments and toppings are endless. Just about anything in your fridge can go on the burger (just about). I mean, the Big Mac has "special sauce". It's essentially thousand island dressing. How about a Hawaiian burger. Spam, pineapple and teriyaki sauce.
The hamburger is a work of art just waiting to be created by you and me. Have fun with it.  Enjoy your creation and don't be afraid to tell others about your masterpiece.

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