Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheezy Beef Burger-Roundheads-Downers Grove, Il

 My primary reason for doing this blog is to share my thoughts on the hamburger. There are so many unique burgers out there I just felt that I needed to share them with everyone.
 This burger is no different. This is the Cheezy Beef Burger from Roundheads Pizza Pub in Downers Grove Illinois. Roundheads is a little sports bar at Woodward and 63rd st. They've got great service and a comfy atmosphere, plus they have like 20 TV's going with sports on. If you don't like watching the Sox, ask them to change the channel. They're always willing to accommodate. Whatever your sporting pleasure is, they'll put it on for you. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the owner is always there working alongside his staff.
But lets get to the burger. The Cheezy Beef Burger is a 1/2 pounder topped with Italian beef and smothered with a cheddar cheese sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. You can get sauteed sweet peppers or hot giardiniera on it as well. It's served on a soft bun. Almost too soft as it soaked up the juice from the Italian beef. The hamburger patty was cooked perfectly and was super juicy. The beef was fall apart tender and full of that wonderful Italian beef flavor. Unfortunately the overall flavor profile was somewhat flat. The taste of the burger and the beef kinda merged together and I found it difficult to taste the difference between them. (still tasted good though) The sweet peppers were a good change in texture, but they had a funny flavor to them. It was like I could taste the pan they sauteed them in. I'll try the giardiniera next time. I had saved some red sauce from the cheese sticks we had and added that to the second half of the burger. This was a hit! The red sauce is the key. It changed the flavor profile dramatically. I could now taste the beef separate from the burger and it softened the odd taste of the peppers. All of the flavors suddenly stood out on their own.
All together this was a pretty good burger, maybe not the best I've had, but I would get it again.
It comes with fries, a small side of cole slaw and baked beans.
I would say give this one a shot, but get a side of the red sauce on the side. I think you will be happy.

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